President: Cheryl Wright

Vice-President: Austin Drake

Treasurer: Darryl Dunn

Secretary: Keturah Bush

Parliamentarian: Sherifa Freightman

Committee Chairs

Mentoring Chair: Rashida Hanif

Alumni Engagement: James Marshall

Recent Alumni: Jonathan Nussur

Black Graduation: Joy Dixon

Marketing/Social Media: Candace Elder

Special Events: Karl Welch

Scholarship/Fill the Gap: TBD


The University of California, Berkeley Black Alumni Association (BAA) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. BAA is formerly known as Black Alumni Club (BAC). BAA is committed to serving and uniting African-American alumni and students of the University of California, Berkeley.  BAA’s mission includes the recruitment, retention, development, and matriculation of future and existing students and is supported by our Mentoring Program. BAA also provides networking and career advancement opportunities for alumni.  BAA’s goal is to maintain a community for U C Berkeley African-American alums, and to recognize our achievements and contributions to the University.  Additionally, BAA strives to promote the history of African-Americans at the University and contributions throughout the United States and throughout the World. A few key areas include:

  • BAA’s Mentoring Program provides academic and professional support of our Black Bear Cubs,

  • Awarding scholarships for existing and prospective UC Berkeley students;

  • Connect alumni to each other and the University through meaningful communication, programs and events;

  • Encourage investment and support for the University in its successful pursuit of excellence in teaching, research and service, particularly as it pertains to the African American community;

  • Celebrate the rich history of UC Berkeley Black alumni through building upon the best of our traditions and accomplishments.

The BAA is an alumni group organized under the California Alumni Association.  The leadership structure consists of six elected executive officers, as well committees: New Membership, Mentoring Program, Scholarship, Recruitment and Retention, Special Events, Black Graduation and Alumni Engagement.